Drumming With Katy Gaughan

MUSIC HEALS US: Drumming Our Way to Wellness

Rhythm is an essential part of who we are.  Being in sync with our bio rhythms keeps us healthy and happy.

Learn how to tap into your own rhythm and connect with the rhythms of those around you through the interactive experience of group drumming!

We will experience the power of rhythm, listening, entrainment and stillness all through guided collaborative drumming and music making.

Katy Gaughan, a drummer & drum circle facilitator with Music Heals Us Drum Circles, has been facilitating groups for 10 years, and strongly believes in the healing power of music through drumming.


Katy has been drumming and organizing musical events for over ten years. Throughout that time, the drum has led her on an exciting journey of growth, expansion and celebration.

Whether it be playing conga in a jazz trio, drumming on an African djembe in the middle of the night at a sacred fire circle, facilitating a community drum circle in Hawaii, dancing at SoulFire Inside, or playing the frame drum in her living room, the past ten plus years have given Katy a deep appreciation for the myriad of expressions that come through the drum.

Katy Gaughan is involved with many communities – the DC music scene, the facilitated drum circle community, the Fire Circle community and the ethno-specific drum community. She plays in the bands DjesbenJohn K Band and Firewheel.  She is the co-founder of SoulFire Inside; a drum circle facilitator (trained byArthur Hull); and a member of the Rhythm Workers Union. She plays African djembe and dunun drums; the Middle Eastern frame drum; Latin conga and bongo; and various percussive items.

Learn more:

Visit Katy online:  http://musicheals.us
Email Katy: Katy@musicheals.us

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