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My Circles Of Love  and the Hand Drums & Hula-Hoops for Sandy Hook project was conceived and established in direct response to the unimaginable events at a little elementary school in Newtown CT.

Hand Drums & Hula-Hoops For Sandy Hook ElementaryLike people all around the world, in the hours following the tragedy,  I felt helpless and lost – wondering what I could possibly do to make it better – take away the pain and somehow make a difference.

It was during my darkest hours of sadness in the days following the tragedy that it suddenly hit me – beautiful music and rhythmic movement, surrounded by friends and family gave me comfort, put a smile on my face and soothed my soul – and if it could do that for me,  perhaps it would do the same for those who truly needed their joy restored.


Music and dance heal – so let the healing begin – Please click in and donate what you can – no amount is too small and any amount is greatly appreciated. Together we can help restore light and love to this wonderful community.

“HOW CAN I HELP?”     

:: Donate now via the paypal account for hand drums & hula-hoops
:: Donate via check – 
email me at

Please Note:  If you’d prefer to give a tax deductible donation, you can do that through, dedicated to healing Newtown through the power of the arts . While this donation will not be earmarked for this Hand Drums & Hula-Hoops initiative, it will most certainly be welcomed and greatly appreciated. 

Hand Drums & Hula-Hoops For Sandy Hook Elementary


Your gift of music and dance will help us honor the memory of these beautiful souls and help all who are left behind enjoy the life they have been left to live.

Thank you! and please help spread the word ~ Janet Maurice


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