My Circles of Love: Building Friendships & Acceptance Through Participation & Self Expression

Expression of individualism while working together as part of a cohesive group is key in creating a healthy balance and a healthy psyche.  As we grow in our individuality – taking risks and being true to ourselves –  it’s critical that we know we fit in, and are accepted by our larger communities and circles of friend.

Through participation in drum and rhythm circles where we continue on the individual level to create a collective experience, we know that we are appreciated for our efforts, accepted for who we are and valued for what we have to give.

This is acceptance.  And  it’s this knowledge helps keep us from feelings of alienation and we believe, from tendencies to express those feelings through violence.

CommUNITY drumming & hooping – pass it on. 

IMG_0188IMG_0213 IMG_0209 IMG_0208 IMG_0201 IMG_0199IMG_0176 IMG_0173 IMG_0172 IMG_0170 IMG_0159


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