Drums & Hoops For Peace

DV016_Jpg_Large_442468Honoring heroes, celebrating the power of peace and bringing awareness to Healing Newtown’s Cultural Arts Center My Circles of Love will be at this Sunday’s Power of Peace Family Festival with drums and hoops in hand!

Join us in Hartford’s Bushnell Park at 12 noon for an afternoon of great musical entertainment and fun activities for the whole family.

One of the day’s many highlights will be the unveiling of “ROCK OF ANGELS” a memorial/monument from Maine and gifted to the town of Newtown.

Another highlight will be the release of butterflys, raising awareness and funding for Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation. A great opportunity for photos and positive lessons for children of all ages.


hula_hoopsWear your best hippie clothes or BRING YOUR NON-Political CAUSE! This is a day of peace and love.

Voices for Heroes would like to spread awareness of as many causes as possible and show the children how great it can be to work with others to achieve one goal of change and the joy of giving!

ALL CAUSES UNITE to say, “We still believe. We will not give up!”

People who represent a multitude of social causes will be attending and vending. Many Voices for Heroes album artists …(from both CD’s), will perform positive and inspirational music, with a few special guests!

Food, shopping and farout tunes… come on out and enjoy a fun family festival, predicted to be a bright sunny summer day. See you there!

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