Happiness, Hand Drums & Hula Hoops for Sandy Hook

The first of two workshops was a huge success yesterday as over 80 participants hooped and drummed their way to happiness.

Love and thanks to:

~ All my financial supporters from around the country

~ April 6th workshop volunteers including Tim, Jaime and Miss Emily, Katie Beth, Kristen & Amy

~ Drum Circle Facilitators Katy G. & John K. of Music Heals Us

~ Hoop makers and hooping facilitators Nicole and Jackie from bringtheHoopla

~ REMO drums

~ Identi-Tape

~ Wayne Hammond, Graphic Artist,

~ Executive Office Services of Bridgeport,

~ Lowes of Danbury

AND HealingNewtown Art Space!

Find our first photo album and like us on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=156377434529437&set=a.156376407862873.1073741825.116163558550825&type=1&theatercover_photo_2

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