26 Drums Delivered To Healing Newtown

REMO_drums_delivered_to_Newtown_CTOn March 20th, 2013 – just in time for spring – My Circles of Love received a very special delivery in preparation for their upcoming “Hand Drums & Hula-Hoops for Sandy Hook” workshops.

Using funds from the generous contributions of kind friends and family from around the country, Janet Maurice of Trumbull purchased and donated these 26 brand new djembe Remo drums to the HealingNewtown Art Space located at 5 Queen Street, Newtown CT.

Working with John Fitzgerald, Manager, Recreational Music Activities, Janet Maurice of Trumbull was able to secure a generous 70% discount from Remo drums of California, making the donation possible.

The first of two drumming workshops will take place on Saturday April 6th. This workshop, filled to capacity, will be facilitated by professional drummer and drum circle facilitator Katy Gaughan from Music Heals Us of Tacoma MD. ,  Djesben, The Akoma Drummers and the John K. Band.

DV016_Jpg_Large_442468In addition to participation in the drum circle using the newly donated djembe drums, participants will be making, decorating and taking home their own rhythmic rain sticks.

A second workshop is planned for May 18th, 2013 and a limited number of spaces are still available.  More information and registration for Sandy Hook and Newtown residents at www.healingnewtown.org

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